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5 Things to Consider when Picking a Gift for your Girlfriend

5 Things to Consider when Picking a Gift for your Girlfriend

5 Things to Consider..

#5.  Color

The color of a gift may not be a conscious part of the evaluation unless the gift is clothing or accessories, but it might be a subliminal consideration.  Soft colors like blue can create a warm feeling about the gift and/or the giver while bright yellows and reds might create excitement.  Take the color into consideration depending on where and when the gift will be given as well as the overall feeling about the occasion for the gift.  There are lots of gifts that are available with a choice of color so this might be the last thing you think about when picking between the final two.

#4.  Price

It isn't always true that the more expensive a gift for your girlfriend is, the more she will like it. Take the price into consideration because, it might mean that you will be able to give gifts more frequently if you don't establish a precedent of giving high-priced gifts.  By keeping the price down you also make the occasions when you do give a higher priced item really stand out.

#3.  Use

It's a good idea to take into consideration the planned use of an item when giving it as a gift.  Things that are used frequently for happy occasions may cause the recipient to think pleasantly about the giver more often.  It might be nice to get a knife sharpener but probably not on a significant birthday or other occasion like that.  Think about the use of the item over the long term and think about what connection will be made with the use, the gift and you as the sender.

#2.  Timing

Try to think ahead about a gift for a planned occasion long enough to be sure you aren't late.  Giving someone a picture of something that will arrive tomorrow is never the same as opening and touching the gift on the special day.  Another thought about timing is to consider giving a gift when there is no reason.  A nice gift on an normal day will be remembered.  Monday is a good day to give a gift, too, because it can be a down day and something bright and cheery can make all the difference.

#1.  Theme

Giving gifts that follow a theme are a good idea over the long term.  We might all think of themes in connection with someone who likes bears, but there are many other ways to think of themes. Themes could be Wednesdays, the time of day, or time events connected with the item such as mid-twentieth century.  If you establish a theme you can build anticipation of special occasion days and at the same time make it easier to Google the theme and come up with many choices that fit your price and the occasion.

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